Sphere armchair

About Project

Sphere armchair is a cozy armchair . The idea of ​​this design is a combination of creating an attractive , simple and practical comfortable living seat , starting the idea from curved line and use the animal anatomy concept . The goal of the project was a design that at the same time , the concept deisgn can communicate with any person and can be easily arranged with any decoration, a combination of beauty , simplicity and form dignity , The base structure is made of fiberglass and wood for the seat & back frame system and leather or velvet cover.

  • MOBL 87-68aa4fe9
    MOBL 87-68aa4fe9MOBL 88-8ed19792
    MOBL 88-8ed19792
  • mehdi ahkami
  • modative
  • Furniture design: series


mehdi ahkami



MOBL 87-68aa4fe9 MOBL 88-8ed19792