Speech armchair

About Project

Speech armchair is a unique armchair .the concept of this armchair inspired in iran there are some religious speaker that seats on the kind of armchair with higher altitude can be easy to seat and comfortable , the idea was taken from that concept with combination of coffetable surface . the another aim was the shape and concept can communicate with any person and can be easily arranged with any decoration, a combination of beauty, simplicity , the structure is made of solid wood with leather cover.

  • MOBL 29-1c835901
    MOBL 29-1c835901MOBL 28-11200e6c
    MOBL 28-11200e6cMOBL 30-91f81cee
    MOBL 30-91f81ceeMOBL 30 a-7295b732
    MOBL 30 a-7295b732MOBL 30 b-0f92b715
    MOBL 30 b-0f92b715
  • mehdi ahkami
  • modative
  • Furniture design: series


mehdi ahkami



MOBL 29-1c835901 MOBL 28-11200e6c MOBL 30-91f81cee MOBL 30 a-7295b732 MOBL 30 b-0f92b715