Sofa set – wave

About Project

I used fantasy while creating this design element and I left to inspire the waves of the sea. Table, chairs and seats should be made of recycled, flexible UV stable plastic. Chairs I created with backrest without backrest for large variability of use in space. This set was designed for a restaurant established in modern design. The seat itself is also applicable as a shelf and would be part of the whole set.

  • vlna sedacka-85e025ef
    vlna sedacka-85e025efvlna sedacka1-7e6be48f
    vlna sedacka1-7e6be48f
  • Juraj Horváth
  • I am a student
  • Furniture: collection | Product design: object


Juraj Horváth


I am a student

vlna sedacka-85e025ef vlna sedacka1-7e6be48f