smart eagle

About Project

this desk is designed for virtual and online working and has some features such as light box with face detector and uniform light. also the desk camera itself is suitable for photography and video recording, and the camera base can be installed with a variety of professional cameras with the ability to rotate 360 degrees. it has a built-in microphone with studio pop filter, a built-in monitor and a place to put a laptop. this desk is controlled by a touch panel and used two terrariums to create a sense of dynamism and life in the user. also boxes made of gold metal color with warm hidden light have been used to refract the cold lights of the monitor and create a beautiful light combination in it. the symbol of the eagle and the sun has been chosen to countenance a sense of victory and success. (this desk is retrieved from art deco style).

  • 1-919eb0aa
  • Fatemeh Nouri
  • Furniture: collection | Product design: light | Product design: object
  • this desk designed for virtual and online working
    desk size 220*100*80 cm
    the top of the desk size 10*35 cm (bookshelf)


Fatemeh Nouri

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