About Project

Silva is a modular solution made out of Expanded Black Cork that consists of four different pieces. From a stool to a bench, or even a coffee table, the design allows the user to express themselves.
Its inspiration comes from the Portuguese family culture. Each piece has a different shape because everyone in a family is different, but in the end, they all come together, establishing union and harmony.
The brief for this project was given by Magis.

  • Silva close-up with wine glass
    Silva close-up with wine glassSilva top view
    Silva top viewSilva close-up
    Silva close-upSilva top view apart
    Silva top view apartSilva in context
    Silva in contextPerson interacting with full-scale model
    Person interacting with full-scale model
    An experiment done with the full-scale cardboard model to see how people would behave and interact with the piece.
  • Daniel Sampaio
  • Furniture design: series


Daniel Sampaio

Silva close-up with wine glass Silva top view Silva close-up Silva top view apart Silva in context Person interacting with full-scale model