About Project

Silence is a relax sofa furniture design,inspired by combination of shark form and practicality,made by combination of beauty and harmony,the aim was to create a piece of furniture that can be used for residential and office space , a combination of simplicity and sence of comfort.the structure is made of solid wood with leather cover.

  • SOFA RELAX 10-47e03594
    SOFA RELAX 10-47e03594SOFA RELAX 9-20abe64f
    SOFA RELAX 9-20abe64fSOFA RELAX 11-7098e863
    SOFA RELAX 11-7098e863SOFA RELAX 12-e2b8c227
    SOFA RELAX 12-e2b8c227SOFA RELAX 13-b79fd855
    SOFA RELAX 13-b79fd855
  • mehdi ahkami
  • modative
  • Furniture design: series


mehdi ahkami



SOFA RELAX 10-47e03594 SOFA RELAX 9-20abe64f SOFA RELAX 11-7098e863 SOFA RELAX 12-e2b8c227 SOFA RELAX 13-b79fd855