Sex Pistols

Shortlist 2021

About Project

Function: The set of sex toys
Materials: items – ceramics, frame – plastic, pillow – silicone.
Alleged making technology: ceramic casting.
Size: can vary, the dimensions of case changes rateably to dimensions of the items.

The author of the project thinks that in the field of product design are frequently created beautiful but too impersonal things and there’s absolutely no humour and flight of fantasy in it.
That’s why an important task of this project was to ironically connect the topics of sex and weapons.

The project “Sex pistols” presents a set of four sex toys in the transparent case.

Every single toy has its unique characteristics both in terms of use and design. The items have 4 or 5 limbs. Every limb can be used in various ways (depends on user’s fantasy) to achieve sexual stimulation.
Gracefully figurative transitions allow you to experience sensations of different tone and depth.

Material choice is explained by several factors:

1. Hypoallergenic. Ceramic as a material nullifies the probability of the occurrence of the allergic reactions, and that’s important for a lot of people.

2.The convenience of use. Ceramics don’t weigh a lot, and devices cavity makes them exceptionally light. Ceramic sex toy inside the body is more tangible and gives a feeling of pleasant fullness. This sensation can’t be compared with sensations from the toys made of another materials.

3. Ease of care – hygiene of the material.

4. Thermal conductivity. Ceramics keeps temperature for a long time, that gives you the new field for experiments

5. Eco-friendly and durability.
The basis of ceramics is natural clay, which, as a result of a special high-temperature treatment, turns into a high-strength and durable organic material.
When handled correctly, a ceramic sex toy is an almost eternal product that, with decades of active use, will not lose its presentable appearance.

The coral color of the products, due to the visual-associative perception, creates a direct reference to the naturalness of analogues.
At the same time, the simplicity of the form implies the possibility of its using in various colors and textures.

The weapon theme can be seen in the aesthetics of the case, inspired by the design of the Remington 700 rifle case. In addition, each item is designed in such a way that when you hold it in your hand it feels like you are holding a pistol grip.

The laconicism and expressiveness of the set allows it to organically fit into almost any interior, becoming an excellent addition to it along with pieces of furniture.

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  • Classic sex sometimes becomes boring, and there is a need to introduce variety into such a natural ritual for us. And then the «Sex pistols» case comes to the rescue - a set of four stylish sex toys in a case from a Remington 700 rifle that can revolutionize your sex life.

    Here the theme of war and the theme of love are connected in the most unexpected way:
    "A weapon that fires only passion."

    Thanks to its elegant and minimalist design, the case can become the main attraction of your interior.

    "Sex pistols" is an image of unrestrained creativity that has no boundaries.
    Fantasize, try, create!



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