sea chair

About Project

Based on the research of psychologists, using mobile phones while having meals causes irrecoverable damages in the interaction of family members with each other. It reduces the amount of constructive dialogue among the families. One of the solutions to this problem is to keep away the mobile phones and being in the safe mental region. In the upper part of the chair, we provided some cuts in order to avoid creasing of the coat and other clothes when they touch the rear part of the chair, which is a structure like the hangers but more modern and minimal. In the bottom part, tablet, phones and everything that might disturb your pleasant meal could be placed.

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    glass chair.34-80232a97
  • Fatemeh Hatami and hosana Izadi
  • Furniture design: series | Product design: object
  • In the era of technology, smartphones, tablets and other portable devices are always placed on the dining table that disfigures the dining table and also provokes us to pay attention to the smartphone. This issue has led us to design a chair that keeps away the unnecessary belongings while being also safe


Fatemeh Hatami and hosana Izadi

44.35-54406a99 glass chair.31-93317561 glass chair.32-5c0cf344 glass chair.34-80232a97