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“Risa” was named, based on “rise” I hope this name make a good sense in many languages and surely would sound good in pronunciation.

In Risa, surfaces are fallowing the incense smoke flow And birds body forms at same time, formed by its functional idea.

Incenses place in top hole and it’s designed to hold incense straight on the horizontal line.

Bottom part of main body which Burns incense would accumulates the ashes and user can Dispose it from bottom hole.

Main body would be fabricated by slush molding (Image 8).

With glazing the surfaces with black luster glaze, reflections can present the shape qualities and at the same time this is the little movement from eastern Aesthetics to modern Aesthetics.

The overall design is based on the golden lineage, and the main body is based on a simple base that is in golden ratio (Image 9) and supports stability.

Sometimes products have messages or deliver part of a culture. “Risa” would be a messenger of “peace” to the surroundings.

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    Golden Ratio
  • Mohammad Ali Dastouri
  • Furniture: collection | Furniture: chill & relax | Product design: object
  • https://www.instagram.com/p/CXvvwagsO01/?utm_medium=copy_link
  • After Covid-19 and staying home a lot, some emotional problems happened for most of us So, I think its good time to migrate some east spiritual experiences around world.
    Risa is a little part of east culture which is designed differently, for different Society, based on incense aroma(odour). Risa is made by slush molding using some ancient processes like glazing, so, we can call it sustainable design.


Mohammad Ali Dastouri

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