Rime forest

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Dining chair

Fashioned out of white ash wood, the distinctive base form adds a novel appeal to this light-weight chair. The juniper coloured seat made of suede fabric upholstery adds lustre to the otherwise solid yet classic wooden chair. The arch in the padded chair makes for a comfortable dining experience.


We designed an ergonomic bed with two soft cushioned panels on the headboard that doubles up as a backrest while you lay seated on the bed. Adjacent to the bed lies a bedside table made of wood and frosted glass in a hue of green. The bedroom comes together in a harmonious blend of green that helps one feel relaxed and calm.

End Table

The end table is an archetypal representation of our overarching theme – the Rime Forest. It is made using continuous wooden sections that support the pebble-shaped tinted glass top. This table brings symmetry and an unmistakable tone to the space. The end table makes for the perfect accessory to place beverages, newspapers or books.

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  • Nandha Ravichandran
  • Agam design studio
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  • Forests are astir with life with their earthy air and gorgeous hues. Inspired from the snow capped mountains, the Rime forest theme is a timeless amalgamation of the lively greens of the forest with the elegant rimefrost that envelops trees during winter.


Nandha Ravichandran


Agam design studio

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