About Project

reverse is a bench for urban space that inspired by a modern form with a rotating curve that be attractive view to any person from any angle in any location,the main goal was to create a product can be comfortable seat with modern language,the main structure is metal with fiberglass coating with glass plate and wooden seat

  • R ADESIGN35 a-dc376461
    R ADESIGN35 a-dc376461R ADESIGN35 b-0af05092
    R ADESIGN35 b-0af05092R ADESIGN35 c-be4c8a14
    R ADESIGN35 c-be4c8a14R ADESIGN35 d-f8c57157
    R ADESIGN35 d-f8c57157
  • mehdi ahkami
  • modative
  • Product design: park and garden


mehdi ahkami



R ADESIGN35 a-dc376461 R ADESIGN35 b-0af05092 R ADESIGN35 c-be4c8a14 R ADESIGN35 d-f8c57157