Recycled Outdoor Bench and Table

About Project

This bench and table are made from 150 year old poplar beams from a farm house in North East, PA. Galvanized pipe, poplar, red oak.

  • outdoor bench-fdf337e4
    outdoor bench-fdf337e4mabes  bench 1-e97806fd
    mabes bench 1-e97806fdmabes table-d10d0c3d
    mabes table-d10d0c3dmabes bench set-19f62f41
    mabes bench set-19f62f41mabes table dt-9a34ec88
    mabes table dt-9a34ec88
  • Cosmo Barbaro
  • Cosmo Barbaro Furniture
  • Предметный дизайн: сад и парк
  • Recycled Bench and Table


Cosmo Barbaro


Cosmo Barbaro Furniture

outdoor bench-fdf337e4 mabes  bench 1-e97806fd mabes table-d10d0c3d mabes bench set-19f62f41 mabes table dt-9a34ec88