About Project

RAFT is a versatile and comfortable “timeless” product with an artistic but quite understandable and practical structure.
Its main platforms resemble two wings which can be pivoted in any direction, allowing you to independently decide whether to arrange the upholstered furniture in one line or in the form of the letter L. Even in the latter case, the sofa can be turned in any direction, as this great advantage makes the sofa a permanent member of your interior design.
You can make repairs, change the design of the room and, at the same time, the RAFT sofa can always adapt to new circumstances. The set includes a hollow coffee table that can be used as a bedside table.

The material and color of the RAFT sofa are available at the customer’s choice. However, DONNA furniture studio shares its recommendations for textiles, to provide the client with a product in its perfect form, in which its author’s origin and special design can be traced.
The product uses Austrian Blum fittings.

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  • Svoya Studio
  • DONNA furniture studio
  • Furniture design: series
  • A real “land rover” among sofas! The newest product from the manufacturer DONNA and the SVOYA studio design bureau, with a new conception of the modern sofa: smooth lines, a seductive combination of texture and shape, the ability to independently determine the location and direction of individual sofa modules already “in place”.

    As conceived by the authors of the sofa, the product should evoke associations with an inflatable boat, for its harnesses that accentuate and define the lines of the sofa.

    One of the features of the RAFT sofa is the simplicity of its assembly and subsequent modifications to the position of different modules.


Svoya Studio


DONNA furniture studio

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