About Project

qube is a wait seat for office space.inspired by a simple modern form with diffrent seating heights space for anyone of any height with traparent glass plate whitch can be uesd by combining several living seats next to each other or separating glass plates.the main goal of design is simple design with praticality form and economic construction for to bulit in a short time

  • R ADESIGN93 a-a8f8855c
    R ADESIGN93 a-a8f8855cR ADESIGN93 b-5de68ced
    R ADESIGN93 b-5de68cedR ADESIGN93 c-6dc33566
    R ADESIGN93 c-6dc33566R ADESIGN93 d-e065c509
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    R ADESIGN93 e-825543f0
  • mehdi ahkami
  • modative
  • Furniture design: series


mehdi ahkami



R ADESIGN93 a-a8f8855c R ADESIGN93 b-5de68ced R ADESIGN93 c-6dc33566 R ADESIGN93 d-e065c509 R ADESIGN93 e-825543f0