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Longlist 2021

About Project

The owners of PRO espresso asked the founders of the studio YUDIN Design to emphasize the progressive devices and the skills of the barista, who is finally not hidden behind the machine but produces tasty masterpieces right in front of the visitor’s eyes!
One of the main characteristics of the coffee bar is the use by the barista of compact Modbar machines instead of the classic ones. Modbar is visually a single piston and a compact press and for its professionalism and functionality it is said to be the “Tesla of espresso machines”.

According to the designers’ plan, the interiors of PRO espresso have no partitions or massive structures as its open design with panoramic windows draws the attention of passers-by toward the bar and its minimalist interiors.
The design of the bar counter resembles the letter U and holds a glass showcase under which the designers Vladimir and Aleksandr Yudin have laid 1300 tablets of coffee pomace!
The designers also designed original tables with a recess for bags in the shape of the letter U: “We faced some difficulties when implementing our idea to bend the shapes of oak tables to produce the U-shape,” Aleksandr Yudin claims. “Many woodworkers were simply afraid to take on the promise of producing these tables on time but we did it”.

A dynamic pattern print on the walls symbolizes the fast yet efficient pace at which the PRO team works, and the use of a calm yet sophisticated colour palette paired with panoramic windows evoke a sense of confidence, calm and stability. Sleek and streamlined shapes can be found in every corner of the space, with unique details such as recessed circles within the bar tables where real coffee beans have been poured by the designers.
The materials selected for the interiors place emphasis on a natural and eco-friendly theme, utilizing natural oak, glass, metal and concrete.
The team went one step further and designed lamps for the space made of wooden planks.

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    Natural and eco-friendly interiors with a Futuristic Scandinavian design.b-14cc867f
    For the implementation of the project, natural oak, glass, metal and concrete were used to demonstrate the brand's position - naturalness, only eco!c-e954e793
    The team of YUDIN Design highlighted the elegant Modbar setup and the barista's skills. d-f4532a0a
    The design of the bar counter resembles the letter U and holds a glass display containing 1300 tablets of coffee pomace.d1-d14e69f1
    Storage nooks for guests by YUDIN Design studio.d2-9ecfebd9
    No partitions or massive structures but an open design with panoramic windows.e-d5728837
    Panoramic windows evoke a feeling of confidence, stability and comfort.f-3250894f
    Design frames outdoor views and also natural light streaming in. g-ad4a3bcc
    Dynamic pattern print on the walls and the lamps realized by the designers with wooden planks.i-9f675216
    The designers of YUDIN Design integrated real coffee beans into the design of the wooden tables.l-7974b5b8
    The progressive espresso Modbar setup is the center of attention at PRO espresso bar in Kyiv.m-249b0f6c
    Detail of the glass showcase containing 1300 tablets of coffee pomace.
  • Aleksandr Yudin, Vladimir Yudin
  • YUDIN Design
  • Interior design: Art & Crafts projects
  • The Ukrainian studio YUDIN Design has recently projected an elegant coffee bar that highlights the professionalism of coffee art and is aimed at true connoisseurs of coffee.

    It was an intentional decision by the team of YUDIN Design studio to highlight the professionalism of the baristas working away behind the bar. The designers removed all sightline obstructions to focus on the bar and barista. At other cafes, baristas are usually hidden behind a large machine, but here guests can engage with the team while they watch their drinks being made.


Aleksandr Yudin, Vladimir Yudin


YUDIN Design

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