Pollen Bathtub

Shortlist 2021

About Project

The Pollen Bathtub was born out of a burning desire to merge outstanding design, technology, craftsmanship and to blueprint a new path into the stone/design industry as most of the qualities above are, today, used to recreate barroco and classical motifs (which is basically, copy and paste).

Today’s design have a very limited understanding of marble possibilities. And after studding great names of design such as Joseph Walsh and Calatrava, to name a couple, I new that marble could be truly explored.

Bearing in mind the destruction that quarrying marble is not sustainable at all (even though you’ll find articles about carbon neutrality of the material, people do not count the pressure and temperature and thousands of years it took nature to make it), I decided that I would only work with left over, cut off materials. And this exponentially opened, and forced, my mind to create unique marble design.

My grandfather had a quarry where I played and had a close contact with marble; blocks, tractors, lorries, full-floor-and-wall plans, dinamites. All was lots of fun. Then, my father opened a small marble factory where I learnt the techniques of masonry, cutting, mosaics; I did go in depth in the art of playing and understanding marble. 10 years later I was studying art and design in the best school in London. And all came together by living and exploring in this dynamic design city with my past experiences with marble.

The Pollen Bathtub uses three different colours, it is made of over 400 hexagons “cells” and is designed using Cad program. There is one layer of marble, then another and another, like a sandwich. After the cells are cut using CNC water jet, the pieces are put together like a 3D mosaic, the convex spiky shape is done after and then polished by hand. The internal part leaves the geometrical shape of the surface, not smooth “internal sphere”. Therefore, precision and craftsmanship are key elements to make all work as one piece.

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    AE8A3FD6-DCC7-4D51-86A9-FAEEACB58AB7-5f779759Polen alone-af52f2c2
    Polen alone-af52f2c2
  • Yuri Moulin Zampirolli
  • Yuri Moulin Zampirolli
  • Product design: object
  • Are you tired of boring and sameness of marble pieces?

    Yuri Moulin Zampirolli will make excited about marble and design as you have never been before.


Yuri Moulin Zampirolli


Yuri Moulin Zampirolli

AE8A3FD6-DCC7-4D51-86A9-FAEEACB58AB7-5f779759 Polen alone-af52f2c2