Plata Chair

Shortlist 2021

About Project

The car has always been in motion. We designed this seat inspired by the car body ,We created the feeling of being in a machine with all the intricacies of form.

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  • Morteza Rohani Farahmand
  • HYGHLYGHT Design Studio
  • Furniture design: series | Furniture: collection | Furniture: chill & relax
  • Choose a right designer! One who understands all your concerns and sophisticated needs and be competent to transform them to a unique product that satisfies all design criteria. The Plata concept chair is designed with bionic design approach and tries to reveal human body parts in an abstract and subtle way. Besides, the audience has a feeling of automotive interior design due to its intricate form creations.


Morteza Rohani Farahmand


HYGHLYGHT Design Studio

Banners 03-1-ad402431 Banners 03-1ba8ea54 Banners 03-2-9338598d