Party battray

About Project

A wine holder inspired of sentinel battery and mechanism inspired of blooming.
With LED powered by a small rechargeable Li-ion battery that turns on when the lid gets unlocked. battery recharges with a USB-c
Contained water in the shell for elegancy and as temperature isolation.
A mechanism is designed so the bottles bloom slowly as the lid opens and closes when the lid does, no electricity needed.
materials used: main frame made of steel(coated with costume materials), chrome ,glass ,water, and cloth for the interior.
Costume coating options are: leather , wood, plastic, aluminum.

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    party core-0f5c8714
  • Sepehr Ghasemi
  • Archiproducts: wine shelves and holders
  • The center of a party ,formal or friendly, is wine and music; and Party Battery is the power core of YOUR parties as it is elegant and surprising.


Sepehr Ghasemi

partyc-9d3f62ae partya-72788b40 Untitled-4c6d9275 Untiled-469c9d07 party core-0f5c8714