About Project

First of all, for me, weaving a real product from these designs was simpler than realistic modeling.
It can be said that preparing the initial plan is the longest part of the procedure and the weaving of the kilim for the primary sample takes about 10 days. Therefore, in the last hours of the contest registration deadline, I was able to get ready to upload my designs.
In collaboration with rural weavers, I tried to integrate what I have learned so far from modern and conceptual design with this ancient Iranian art, which includes new compositions, harmonious color palettes, natural renewable materials, without harming animals, plants, and living plant tissue, handmade from start to finish and environmental pollution-free.

  • orchid sheet 3-613d8257
    orchid sheet 3-613d8257orchid sheet 2-06190b44
    orchid sheet 2-06190b44orchid sheet 1-1-a2321160
    orchid sheet 1-1-a2321160orchid sheet 4-9a89bd4e
    orchid sheet 4-9a89bd4e
    Size: 100 × 170 cm
  • Hamid Daneshpour
  • Ira kilim
  • Product design: object
  • Handmade kilim using wool yarn without harming animals and plants, inspired by orchid mantis


Hamid Daneshpour


Ira kilim

orchid sheet 3-613d8257 orchid sheet 2-06190b44 orchid sheet 1-1-a2321160 orchid sheet 4-9a89bd4e