About Project

We were sitting in the kitchen and we looked around and saw three different kinds of waste bins. All of them had some kind of disadvantage. Either it looked awful or it wasn’t practical or it had some technical problem. So we decided to design a new one. One that would not have to be situated in the corners but can rather be in middle of the room, functioning almost as a decoration.

We wanted to create waste bins that would fit more into the interior and were not just a necessity, but a design piece. We designed 6 basket designs. You will be able to choose a black or white trash box and 4 different cage colours. Colour variations can be useful for household recycling. We decided to choose three materials such as recycled plastic (mould injection), Resysta and aluminum for more luxurious solution. For opening we chose push latch system. Thanks to this solution we ended up with cleaner design and it reduces direct contact with the “dirty” part of your trash bin.

  • Cage varianats
    Cage varianatsTrash bin variants
    Trash bin variantsVisualization
    VisualizationNUT drawing
    NUT drawingNUT sketch
    NUT sketchNUT red
    NUT red
  • Ondrej Cizmar, Emilie Karaskova
  • Product design: object
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0phdITfgikM&ab_channel=OndrejCizmar
  • Trash bin functioning almost as a decoration.


Ondrej Cizmar, Emilie Karaskova

Cage varianats Trash bin variants Visualization NUT drawing NUT sketch NUT red