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This bedside table is created under the concept of being RTA (ready to assemble). Its materials are laminated wood and bent and painted metal tube. It is easy to produce since its cuts are straight and its dimensions are designed to have an optimal use and saving of material in its production. It is designed to be customizable in its shades of pottery and metal tube finishes.
Maintaining a simple and sober style that harmonizes the room.

  • Nightstand 7
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  • Camilo Andrés Ramos Almanza
  • Furniture design: series
  • This concept achieves the simplicity and function of a traditional bedside table, adding a metal structure that enriches its overall shape.

    Handling a minimalist aesthetic with high attention to detail, always thinking about its production.

    This concept can be done in sober tones such as black or presented in a wide collection of colors.

    This product is a simple and minimalist piece of furniture with the aim of a good use in rooms.


Camilo Andrés Ramos Almanza

Nightstand 7 Nightstand 1 Nightstand 2 Nightstand 3 Nightstand 4 Nightstand 5 Nightstand 6 Nightstand Nightstand 8 Nightstand 9 Nightstand 10 Nightstand 11 Nightstand 12