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About Project

Design Partners: Sara Shakib – Abbas Zarei – Mahboubeh Shakeri
Rendering: Somayeh Bahrami
The source of inspiration in the creation of this work has been the luminous lamp of nature – the moon
Adjusting the intensity and shape of the output light, by pressing the light valve – in addition to simulating the crescent shapes of the moon in different positions – allows the user to experience a sense of purity exposed to moonlight
The soft light of the moon has always been the source of human emotions in nature; In designing this product, we have tried to make this issue feel as much as possible. The purpose of designing this product, in addition to use at home – as a secondary light – was to be used in cafes and public spaces that require a warm and intimate environment.
This light is suitable for indoor spaces such as houses, cafes and public spaces. Despite this light, it is as if we have brought the moon home
This product runs on the wall level and controls the amount and shape of light output – unlike other lights that are lit with a key – by pressing the valve by the user – to his personal taste – and by simulating the crescent moon; In fact, it is a kind of halogen wall lamp that we have never seen before.
With a single arrangement or a set of these lights, you can have a variety of lighting

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