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A series of completely handcrafted luxury lighting following the journey of three medicinal mushrooms into the world of lumière while preserving their grounded origin. Akin to their ability to grow in any space, on any surface and continent, each product targets a different surface in space to grow on. Each explores unique materials, light textures, material texture with a common colour palette and form analogous to the refreshing diversity of mushrooms.

  • Mushroom_sama_SashiMalik_Group-a4f4dad6
    An accent light by sama influenced by the cultivated form of the soft, white and translucent mushroom that grows into almost perfect spheres. With the light filtering out of the open weave of jute, the soft curves create a delicate petal of light on the wall. Suitable as a wall-hung fixture, ceiling hung fixture and a table lamp truly imbibing the essence of a mushroom.TremellaTable_SashiMalik-8a6e2e8b
    An ambient/ task light by sama inspirited by the growth patterns of the mushroom. Embodying the struggle to make your own space in a heavily populated space. Balanced by its weight, this terracotta spherical table lamp spreads a warm glow around it with a luminous bottom anchored on top. Available in Ivory and deep golden colour, the simple and soft geometry fits right in with its neighbouring surroundings while creating a soothing effect in the space with its plump form.TrumpetRoyale_sama_SashiMalik3-b561c3bf
    A wall-hung ambient light by sama fixture inspired by the heavily hued wild form of the mushroom. With Shibori tie and dye on silk mimicking the concentric pattern of the mushroom, each fixture comes out unique. These frills growing out of the wall mirrors the sprouting mushrooms in nature, jewelled with delicate freckles of light on its surface.TurkeyTail_sama_SashiMalik2-0a04df77
  • Sashi Malik
  • https://www.samabysashi.com/
  • Product design: light
  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zNXMJ7C0JaU4owiiMpiuwt-fHwbZaSu_/view?usp=sharing
  • A mushroom is akin to their ability to grow in any space, on any surface and continent, each product targets a different surface in space to grow on.


Sashi Malik



Mushroom_sama_SashiMalik_Group-a4f4dad6 TremellaWall_SashiMalik-75dda6e5 TremellaTable_SashiMalik-8a6e2e8b TremellaCeiling_SashiMalik-ed700c13 TrumpetRoyale_sama_SashiMalik1-f775e06e TrumpetRoyale_sama_SashiMalik3-b561c3bf TrumpetRoyale_sama_SashiMalik11-46757395 TurkeyTail_sama_SashiMalik1-48708bf8 TurkeyTail_sama_SashiMalik2-0a04df77 TurkeyTail_sama_SashiMalik3-526d8194 TurkeyTail_sama_SashiMalik5-4ef9bbf7