Modular luminaire

About Project

By the meta of the given project є the root of a simple and original modular svitnik,
which organically fit into the new styles of inter”Ur and uriznomantit yogo.
The project of straightening on a high-grade, unbaked client, ready-made non-standard
misliti, like pragne to the development.
The special feature of the given project is the tsikava, the geometric shape of the viglyadi piramidi, from the house
pivkolami, as a function of dzherela light. In the basis of the module of bookmarks the image
a spacious chrest, scho to finish the tsikavo viglyadaє in the open space.
The establishments of such a tsіkavіy form, you can create a rich combination, as the real ones
pіdlogovyh and bed linen svіtilnikіv, as urіznomanіtnіtinter’єr.
In a svitnik will vikoristovuvatya noun round neon svitlodіdna line,
LED neon, 7 w, and the main part of the lamp is aluminum.

  • свет-13ec369a
  • Tyutko Daria
  • Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts
  • Product design: light
  • An original modular lamp based on a spatial cross. Thanks to this structure, this module can be used to compose various compositions of lamps, both pendant and wall and floor.


Tyutko Daria


Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts

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