Modular lighting

About Project

Antiviral Lamp, is a modular lighting equipped with UVC light. This light breaks down the
cellular structure of the covid-19. One of the exclusive specifications of this lighting, is its
electrical circuit, in which it enables the user to create indefinite forms arbitrarily. We opted this
design for self-quarantine days, because not also it could entertain all family members, but also
by creating a proper form, it could be positioned on high-touch surfaces and deteriorate the
viruses. It’d be also useful for post-corona days. The joint part of this design is made of ABS which is quite resistant against shock.
The transparent part of the lighting is made of polycarbonate.
After charging the lighting, each part of it could be illuminated solely, so it could be used as a
complete cube, which is collection of warm and cool lights, and too, as a discrete structure which
could be made by user according to his/her needs. If we design the parts so that they could be
positioned on high touch surfaces of our home, for instance door knobs, by illuminating the UVC
light, we are able to cleanse the viruses on the surfaces.

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  • Fatemeh Hatami and Paniz kadkhoda kazemi
  • Product design: light
  • Any external incident or creating a new instrument, is accompanied by an experience in our
    brain. Lego parts are toys in which all people, even a wide range of children with developmental
    disorders, like autistic children, could be entertained by them; and create new forms and shapes.
    People, by creating a new form, will experience an external incident which one could say an act
    has been done, and also, the users have enjoyed it. Now if this act is accompanied with a
    functional product like a lighting, the brain would gain more reward. This would aid our mental
    health by secreting dopamine in the brain, during limited days of the quarantine.


Fatemeh Hatami and Paniz kadkhoda kazemi

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