mini home-studio

About Project

This box is designed for photographers who work from home and they either have no space for equipment or specific place to do their job. The desk-shaped surface can be used as a platform for taking photoshoots from small-sized objects. It can also be used as a desk for the photographer to put his laptop on it and edit or manage his shots. A fabric sheet is placed on top of the shelf’s door; it can be rolled to cover the desk and make a plane for taking photos. The back surface of the box can be used as a background for portrait photography. The photographer can put everything in the box and close its door until the next photo shoot so nothing will be visible unless the photographer opens the box. The whole box is made out of plywood because it’s cheap, firm, natural and also light-weight.

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    portrait photography with green sheet and closed box.22-297b090b
    using the surface as a desk44-f5469105
    the white sheet covers the equipment behind it and creates a plane background 55-33b4ce04
    everything is on the shelves and the box can be closed.Untitled2-3967fcae
  • Fatemeh Panahi azar- Arezoo Dorvar
  • Archiproducts: wine shelves and holders | Product design: object


Fatemeh Panahi azar- Arezoo Dorvar

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