Meet me / chest of drawers and console table

Shortlist 2021

About Project

This is a complex and elegant chest of drawers that can also serve as a console table if expanded. It has three storing sections – two side ones that open up and a central one hidden behind two doors on ordinary hinges.

The chest of drawers is inspired by the splendid decoration of the Babylonian Ishtar Gate and Processional way, but this is not a direct quotation. According to the plan, the chest of drawers is covered with specially made tiles made of glass or ceramics, using copper or cobalt compounds as a coloring pigment to give bright shades of blue and azure. Marching cats are used as an animalistic décor.

The item is conceived as a piece and is supposed to be installed in a luxurious hall to welcome guests.

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    General view of the chest of drawersimage6_1-c418e005
    Scheme: transformation from dresser to console table
  • wadjima
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  • Furniture: collection





image6-cc0219a9 image6_1-c418e005