About Project

The sideboard consists of three parts two drawers and two doors. The main wood used is Mahogany, the top of the sideboard is veneer in Canaletto walnut “rigatino”. Its shape is characterized by semi-circular sides, clean lines, and a certain absence of excessive ornamentation resulting in harmony between design and function.
This project was inspired by the infinity love embodied in the circle shape and curvy edges. The sideboard was created to look like an antique pace, with hidden drawers and doors that reflect the strength of the African style using this type of wood, the big thickness, and the color of the wood, taking into account the ease of installation and the size that fits several uses.

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  • Amani Q
  • Furniture design: series | Furniture: collection
  • MAHOE sideboard was designed to create a new and unique identity, a bold design that requires an unusual sense for those who love exclusivity.


Amani Q

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