Lumoss Chandelier

About Project

The design of the chandelier is inspired by the growth of the moss on the rocks, which refreshes the soul and enables you to see the beauty in all you behold. It fulfills users’ emotions and awards more value to their emotional impulses.

Lumoss is a modern luxury chandelier designed with black anodized metal, golden leaves, and LEDs. The placement angle of the light has been designed with regard to ergonomic standards in a way that it provides a better and wider diffusion and illumination.

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    2 (3)-6dd5bc036 (2)-827d926c
    6 (2)-827d926c3 (5)-c7ae99ef
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    5 (5)-652c5a68
  • Nima Bavardi, Abbas Sufi Nejad
  • Villasufia
  • Product design: light


Nima Bavardi, Abbas Sufi Nejad



1 (4)-35ace275 2 (3)-6dd5bc03 6 (2)-827d926c 3 (5)-c7ae99ef 4 (5)-7e5cb0a0 5 (5)-652c5a68