Lily Chair

About Project

this product is made of light metal material. The velvet and leather fabrics can be used for the seat of the chair. The lighting is separated from the back of the product and the chair can be used in darkness. In order to design a suitable seat cushion for the lower back, we also used clear silicone. The general shape of the cushion is in the form of tear drops. This drop is reminiscent of dew on the petals of flower. The cushion can also be filled with hot water to have therapeutic properties.

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    The lighting part of this product is modular and can be easily removedfurn5.119-a3548937
  • Mehrtash Sayyaf dezfuli and Fatemeh Hatami
  • Product design: light | Product design: object | Furniture: chill & relax
  • https://vimeo.com/659115106?ref=em-share
  • How do you feel if you relax between the arms of a flower and read a book? This design, which is inspired by the Calla lily flowers and made by iconic design, is reminiscent of the moment on which you are calmed down between the arms of an important person of your life and the world concerns are become meaningless for a second. We put a lamp above the chair. This lamp is actually reminiscent of the energy which comes from the forehead after embracing ourselves or others. (Ajna chakra)We showed this energy in the form of light on the top of the chair.


Mehrtash Sayyaf dezfuli and Fatemeh Hatami

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