About Project

Erin created Lilium in the midst of writing her thesis and was inspired by her subjects of study, biophilia and modern forms. This porcelain sculptural lighting portrays the delicate and simplistic form of the flower, and it represents the innate human desire to connect with, understand, interpret, and have dominion over nature.

This design was created with the intention of it being a unique art piece, but I can now see it being realized into either a lamp or hanging pendant that can be produced at a larger scale.

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  • Erin Larissa Chow
  • Предметный дизайн: свет | Предметный дизайн: объект
  • Traditional and modern lamps typically appear very calculated, computer generated, and stiff in their shapes and forms. I was inspired by the natural and delicate form of the flower and its curves. Although this lamp's shape is not traditional and conventional, it could seamlessly fit into any interior or outdoor space, as a flower would accent its surroundings.


Erin Larissa Chow

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