Longlist 2021

About Project

The heart of Lightclock bits by flying light through an infinite white circle. This light moves and shines to show the importance of time. Many people get the stress of watching the clock. This simple and modern face of Lightclock inspires calm to the mind. Also, it is based on intelligent advanced technology that lets the user set the color of the clock to furniture. The inventing of Lightclock was with the ambition that the modern technology used in the design presents simplicity and aestheticism. Eliminating clock hands and middle circle of clock page, and using the light sign in an unpretentious page to show time as easy to determine and making a relationship with light and space were considered factors.

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  • Arvin Maleki, Aida Mohseni
  • Futuredge Design Studio
  • Product design: object
  • Using intelligent modern technology is the critical specification of the Lightclock. This feature lets the user set the color of the clock by the environment's style and furniture. A minimal face combined with a shining light to emphasize time importance and adding aesthetic and attractiveness aspects are other notable properties of Lightclock.


Arvin Maleki, Aida Mohseni


Futuredge Design Studio

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