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“Yen” means a circle in Japan.

Since the light bulb is placed in the center of the circle, the light bulb itself has a presence,Between the circle and the light bulb, and the relationship between the light bulb and the circleDesigned to create.
In the normal shade type, the light bulb is wrapped in cloth or glass, but this lighting visualizes both the light bulb and the circle surrounding it.
Create a “pause”.
size: φ300mm / H 1600mm
Material: Steelpipe φ35mm, light bulb E24 base, etc.

  • yen_1-7695a1a5
    yen_1-7695a1a5WLP vbk0011-53a27e66
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  • Katsunori Okui
  • OCCKWORK.co.,ltd
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Katsunori Okui



yen_1-7695a1a5 WLP vbk0011-53a27e66 WLP vbk002-6ec6f8b1 WLP vbk003-3189bcd4 WLP vbk004-d02d0d0d WLP vbk005-11995913