Light Dial

About Project

Inspired by the sundial, we can perceive how time flows by the change of shadow. It was rather rough about time but how precise we need to know about time. Thus, the Light dial provides a unique behavior to perceive time and define your own timezone.

Using artificial light to indicate the changing of time by rotating. In the platform, you define your own time zone by putting an object on it. For instance, whenever you feel hungry then put a pinecone under the spotlight, so the next time when light sheds on pinecone again, you know it’s around your lunchtime.

  • lightDial on table
    lightDial on tableDemo
  • Erco Lai
  • ercoffice
  • Product design: light
  • https://vimeo.com/641562404
  • A round is a day; an end and a start.


Erco Lai



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