Lepit Magnetic Lighting

Shortlist 2021

About Project

Lepid presents a product that attempts to meet various needs in terms illuminations by providing different functionality.
This lighting is used as a pendant or wall light and provides several functions in one product.
1.Square luminous cells can be magnetically attached to the main body of the lamp.After installing the cells on body,in addition to the possibility of using them as ambient light,with the help of wireless charging installed in the main body,The internal battery of the cells are also charged.
2.Due to the possibility of installing luminous cells in different places of the main body,it is possible to create luminous experiences in different angles.
The cells can be attached to any type of metal surface indoor and outdoor areas.
Use of LED light source with low energy consumption,use of a rechargeable battery,the possibility of disassembly,decreasing a various applications in one product are some tries to make it Eco-friendly.

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    wall light 2-64f68b1cWall light-d31435ae
    Wall light-d31435aeaccessories-d5d0b156
    accessories-d5d0b156light bike-d69ae56b
    light bike-d69ae56bbackpack-36115cfc
    backpack-36115cfcexploded light cell-0f08b1c5
    exploded light cell-0f08b1c5exploded main body-30f71485
    exploded main body-30f71485light cell transparent-472ef060
    light cell transparent-472ef060
  • Mohammad Amin Abbaszadeh
  • Arshin
  • Product design: light
  • Project Specs

    Main body Dimensions: Length:1200mm, width:88mm, depth:60mm
    Material and manufacturing process: Inject molding abs for main body and accessories.
    Metal internal struts for magnetic stick. Internal Wireless charging system for main body. 220 to 5v adapter and electronics for wireless charge.
    Light cells: dimensions 60x60x17mm.Inject molding plastic for main body. Poly carbonate diffuser. Internal 1cell lithium battery for cells power and internal neodymium magnets for magnetic stick. Internal Wireless charging unit in order to Charge the cells.


Mohammad Amin Abbaszadeh



Pendant-2a917518 4 lamps-1b428215 wall light 2-64f68b1c Wall light-d31435ae accessories-d5d0b156 light bike-d69ae56b backpack-36115cfc exploded light cell-0f08b1c5 exploded main body-30f71485 light cell transparent-472ef060