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Shortlist 2021

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Islamic painting
Today, light sources and lights, in addition to providing the required light, are used as one of the important elements in the interior design of spaces. Therefore, in every era, designing light sources has been considered as an important and vital thing for architects and designers. In this design, by modeling Iranian Islamic motifs and the technique of repetition in the form of surrealism, we have achieved the creation of a design pattern, and by removing the lines from the selected Islamic motif and the changes that occurred in the design process, we have reached the final form. The purpose of choosing Islamic motifs was to preserve traditional Iranian patterns and use them in modern life .
Consumable materials
Due to the common materials in making chandeliers, we have tried to use two more widely used materials in different places. This chandelier can be presented in three opposite colors as follows.
Transparent plastic
Glossy steel (in three colors: silver, gold and rose gold)

  • 1-59ae750e
  • Saeed Azemati - Kimia Jamshidzadeh - Niloofar Rahimi
  • Islamic Azad University, East Tehran Branch
  • Product design: light


Saeed Azemati - Kimia Jamshidzadeh - Niloofar Rahimi


Islamic Azad University, East Tehran Branch

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