About Project

Kenet is a television stand where the design idea is built on long standing architectonic qualities of marble. By drawing on the aesthetic potential of marble, it is aimed to present a unique, sculptural, high end product in contrast to conventional products in the market. Without compromising on functionality, a monumental design is aimed to achieve by getting inspired from the connotations of the marble coming from history, and by emphasizing the weight, durability, and permanence of this ancient material.

The product consists of four independent marble components as shown in the installation section. After the structure is constructed, the brass parts on both sides are placed into slots to interlock the structure. By choosing predominantly white marble, a contrast is created with black-coloured televisions. The steel mounting fixture is placed in the slot formed by two reciprocally leaned marble columns. It is suitable for mounting TVs of different sizes in accordance with VESA connection standards.

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  • Ulaş Erdoğan
  • Furniture: collection
  • Kenet is a sculptural TV stand revealing the aesthetic and structural qualities of the marble as an ancient natural material of craft and architecture; emphasizing durability and permenance.


Ulaş Erdoğan

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