Jewellery set “Owners of the Universe”

About Project

Main idea of this project is creating of jewellery set, which will help the owner diversify the look, emphasize self-confidence and desire to stand out from the other people. The main goal is creating a product, which you can wear on a business meeting, to show your colleagues and creativity and eccentricity, or even
during the walk around the beach, under the sun with a cocktail in a hand.
These earrings, bracelet and necklace should become the choice of those who like to challenge already established opinions and fight against stereotypes, and this applies to both girls and men, because bright and technicolour jewellery a long time ago are not prerogative only of women. Astonishment and provocation by young people of the society is something that, like nothing else, attracts the eye and attention in the 21st century. This jewelry set project is also based on the idea that youth is the most powerful engine of progress in this world, thanks to their desperation and desire to comprehend the world, our universe develops and exists. That is why the shaping of the links is inspired by the “movement” of the galaxy, the movement of all sentient and living things.
The main material of the module from which the decoration is formed is plastic or in some assemblies stainless steel. Assumes variability in the choice of the size of the module-link

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    Jewelry closer look
  • Andreev Vladimir
  • Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts
  • Предметный дизайн: объект
  • Bright accessories that will emphasize the creativity of any fashionable person, stand out from the rest of people and become a central accent of an every look – casual, street, etc


Andreev Vladimir


Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts

Full set Models with jewellery Jewelry closer look