irrigator plant stand

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In interior design, natural plants are used as an element to create sense of freshness and vitality for the environment. These plants have emotions and need to be provided with a series of special conditions such as proper lighting, proper air, adequate irrigation, proper storage to grow better, etc. .In this design, an attempt has been made to consider the basic needs of the plant and provide an appropriate response to them. Aesthetic characteristics were also our priority.
In this design, by using a simple and minimal design, we have considered a way for the plants blight so that it gets the least damage due to traffic and to be able to use the natural light from the window. The plant water tank irrigates the plant continuously. The tank can save the weekly need amount of water that the plant needs. it also has small holes to drain excess water .
We have also designed some space under our plant pot in addition to keep the atmosphere moisturized around the plant by using some gravel and small rocks and water.

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  • Fatemeh panahi azar- Arezoo Dorvar
  • Product design: object | Product design: park and garden


Fatemeh panahi azar- Arezoo Dorvar

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