Infinite loops

About Project

Due to the prevalence of diseases such as plague and cholera in recent years and the pandemic of Covid-19 in recent years, we know that in the near or distant future we may encounter pandemics that pay attention to them in design of urban furnitures and spaces simultaneously with the world after a pandemic, is very important.
As the prevalence of Covid-19 around the world, it has had too much negative effects on humans, not only physically but also mentally, and has led to people moving away from social life.
So we decided to design a flexible(in 2 factor) urban seat with this approach for most parts of the world, and based our design on reconciliation with social life

We based a circular grid and designed a modular form on it as movable and fixed modules. So it can cover different geometries as infinite types.
Also it has the Ability to be formed 2, 3, 4-person or more communities or one person retreats by rotating moving-modules alongside fixed-modules.

We purpose 100% recyclable plastic such as polyethylene for its material.
Plastic is lighter than ordinary furniture materials such as wood and steel.
The high durability of these products leads to long-term and re-use of them.
The production of plastic furniture also reduces dependence on other materials that lead to environmental damage – for example, excessive dependence on wood leads to deforestation and increases the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.
Accordingly, these product’s production is based on the customer’s order and is used as a prefabricated form.

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  • Principle Architect: Ziba Azar , Design Team:Narges Rajaeeian,Marjan Feghhi, Nasim Kabiri, Zahra Zareain,Zahra Ghaffarpanah
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  • Предметный дизайн: сад и парк
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  • The "Infinite Loops" is a flexible urban modular seat for the pandemic and post-pandemic era, due to the safe distance between friendship and family groups with strangers.


Principle Architect: Ziba Azar , Design Team:Narges Rajaeeian,Marjan Feghhi, Nasim Kabiri, Zahra Zareain,Zahra Ghaffarpanah



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