Infinite Chair

Longlist 2021

About Project

The infinite seat was born from the desire to apply ancient technics to create modern furniture. This piece is part of our company first furniture collection. As a French-Mexican (craftman+designer) we let our passion for design and processes drives our minds and hands.
With the infinite seat we wanted to give something special and unique to metal, we don’t wanted to do just a nice and elegant cantilever structure to hold a leather upholstered seat, we wanted to give it some sort of skin, some personal fingerprint that can be touched and felt by the people. That is why each piece has its own texture, its own skin taken from a different every project inspiration.
As the other pieces in our brand, the Infinite seat is made to be timeless and almost indestructible in its structure, we like good material grow old, because they grow old fine.
Our goal is to create a bridge between generations using long-standig handcraft processes with a contemporary design language, adding also a powerful conceptual content… we call it “Soulweare”

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  • Eduardo García, Yannick Jaques
  • Santo & Jean Ya LLC
  • Furniture design: series | Furniture: collection
  • Giving metal skind and personality.
    An endless forged metal ribbon with its own fingerprint.


Eduardo García, Yannick Jaques


Santo & Jean Ya LLC

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