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Transforming the design of commonly used routine objects has always been the designer’s intention and this time with a new idea for a watch.The source of inspiration for this work was the combination of the movement of gears, ball bearings and hands of a watch and using this idea to create a new and deconstructive product.This product has a bangle form to it and it consists of a main case where the engine is located and also two rotating rims as the hour hand and the second hand which rotate on the case and an indicator at the highest point Which time is determined by the numbers of hours and minutes placed in front of the indicator.The alteration in the design of this product and its minimalism has led to a better connection with the user, the vectored form of it, best guides the user in the correct way of using and wearing it. The rigidity if the product has led to a challenge in the resizing of the watch, which after numerous brainstormings a parametric plate was built into the main case which by the entering a hand into the case, the silicon plate Is compressed so therefore it is able to be used in any size. The size and design of this product is completely user friendly which for lightness and beauty it is made of titanium and abs.Rhino and KeyShot softwaers were helpful in creating this piece and also it is possible to manufacture this product with the current technologies.

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  • Product design: object
  • Numerous brainstormings for the alteration of watch designs has led to a deconstructing concept.
    A watch made of abs which has a bangle layout and a main case with the engine inside it and two rotating rims and a time indicator are its main elements, a parametric silicon plate has solved the challenge of resizing this rigid product.



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