Longlist 2021

About Project

Automobiles and motorcycles have a big part in our lives. we spend significant time with them, but they have a specified lifetime.
We planned a way for them to stay with us by reconsidering their serving purpose.
As they lit up our way to home, now a motorcycle can light up our home.
Its DNA are selected from scraped famous Italian motorcycle and become alive again and are given the chance to continue their journey in another form, the whole steering wheel and its odometer with a unique number of kilometers passed.
The centric metal part which is inspired by the outlines of the original steering wheel and tripod joints, made by CNC milling method.

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    with its identity card
  • Parham Elahi
  • Modam section
  • Product design: light | Product design: object
  • " chi Vespa mangia le mele " ; Who rides a Vespa eats apple. This sentence, a reference to the forbidden tree in biblical scriptures, was part of Vespa's advertising campaign in the 70s. Here eating an apple is a metaphorical indication of doing away with societal conventions and it's ensuing chains: Man was tempted, ate an apple, and was expelled from garden of Eden.
    Eating an apple is a taboo, thus Vespa can only be for those who are willing to test the limits of freedom. Vespa bikes were for all those wanted to break the boundaries of the system and liberate themselves from the captivity of rules towards evermore freedom.


Parham Elahi


Modam section

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