“Homie” paddy table

About Project

“Homie” is a paddy table, a new kind of light compound furniture invented in 2019 which combines tea table, bed-side table and a footrest.
It has a traditional structure and cozy appearance. «Homie» would easily fit into almost every interior in contemporary style as well as in classical interiors with timeless midcentury modern design and could substitute traditional coffee-tables, side tables and poufs with due time.

1. This design provides extra comfort and rich functionality to a user comparing to classical manufactured objects available on the market.
2. The multifunctionality of the product answers the concept of sustainable production and consumption.
3. The paddy table can be moved right up to a sofa so that a person can use a tabletop and mini shelf without bending forward. This can benefit for elderly people, disabled people or… lazy bones 🙂 In combination with footrest this makes rest most effective and the design socially significant.
4. It is compact (100*60*50cm) and light weighed (approximately not more than 8-9 kg).

It’s made of natural materials like wood and recyclable materials such as chipboard, MDF and upholstered with sustainable fabrics. Can be equipped with an additional large shelf, USB or wireless charger.

Mass production
1. All components of the table are simple – the manufacturing of the product can be easily launched in series.
2. The concept of the product’s design is based on efficient use of raw materials. It reduces the cost of production.
3. The design allows usage of simple fixing methods – this facilitates, accelerates and makes cheaper the assembly.

  • "Homie" paddy table
    "Homie" paddy table
    General view"Homie" paddy table
    "Homie" paddy table
    UX view"Homie" paddy table
    "Homie" paddy table
    Top view"Homie" paddy table
    "Homie" paddy table
    Side view"Homie" paddy table
    "Homie" paddy table
    Front view
  • Nikolay Vladykin
  • Kai Ross Design Studio
  • Furniture design: series | Product design: object | Furniture: chill & relax
  • Your legs have been waiting for this!
    Meet a new kind of light compound furniture!


Nikolay Vladykin


Kai Ross Design Studio

"Homie" paddy table "Homie" paddy table "Homie" paddy table "Homie" paddy table "Homie" paddy table