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Shortlist 2021

About Project

The client wanted a «bright, but friendly» interior ideally adjusted in such a complex space.

The house has original layout and spacial arrangement — a complex plan, with many non-standard parts. In addition, on the floors of the building there are several levels with junctions.

The most difficult was the basement, where the SPA zone (partially covered with a glass skylight), a garage and technical rooms are located. The architects has designed the broken, multi-level space, starting from the functional dominant – the pool basin. The darkest part of the level was taken for the sauna and hammam. The main part of the recreation area is located between the pool and the steam rooms. The high first floor is divided into two large blocks: to the left of the entrance there are common areas — a spacious living room with a fireplace, a dining room and a kitchen. There are two guest bedrooms to the right of the entrance and a separate economic unit with a separate entrance. On the second floor there is a small living room with wall garden, which in time will be filled with plants and become a small winter conservatory; still there is a spacious office with windows on the floor, two master bedrooms and a nursery. The third floor is relatively small, it is designed for billiards.

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za bor architects

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