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source of inspiration:Gloria was inspired by the dragonfly; the dragonfly spends part of its life underwater and in the dark; Even when it comes out of the water, it is colorless and simple; as soon as it flies in search of light, it becomes a magnificent and beautiful creature. This change reminds us not to take life’s problems seriously; to dance and rejoice and move from the depths of frustration and darkness to the light of God. In many cultures, the dragonfly symbolizes: change, happiness, lightness, luck and success.Gloria gives beauty and splendor to your living room and is very affordable for the consumer. Its central light is made of low-consumption LED lamp and the dragonfly fins are made of recycled glass and the golden frame around each fin is made of sealed brass with solid color. All of these are recyclable so that no trace of them remains in the environment. The idea is a bionic design with sustainability. And it has the ability to build and mass produce at a low cost.

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  • Mitra Mohebbi_Mahsa Mohebbi_Iman Hajipour
  • Product design: light
  • Gloria's unique form is very beautiful and magnificent at the same time. The dragonfly is a symbol of luck, success and happiness, so this design transfers positive energy to the home space. It is also an environmentally friendly product due to the use of recycled materials.


Mitra Mohebbi_Mahsa Mohebbi_Iman Hajipour

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