Glass chair

About Project

The project that i made is a chair that i want to call it glass chair. I inspired this concept from a broken glass as it shows, and i attempt to exhibit the beauty of the broken glass. Maybe at the first place everyone thinks that broken things are so dangerous. Of course they are, but if we change our point of view, we can see beauty in everything which is around us. We have paradox in everything and it’s important to see the different sights. This chair is for Coffee Shops, bars and even a chair for home to use. The material of the body of glass chair is made of poly(methyl methacrylate) and the Mattress’s material is red velvet. The 3D modeling is made with rhino 5 and rendering is with keyshot application.

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  • Mahsa mehrad
  • Furniture: collection | Product design: object
  • Glass chair is an inspiration of broken glass as you see. you can use it in coffee shops, bars and even in your home with an enjoyable position of setting and feeling good in the place that you are. The aim of the creation of this chair was to see the beauty in every sights of things. Of course at first place we see danger and useless for a broken glass. But if we change our view point to see another sights, we can see the beauty and that’s the goal of this product. To feel the paradox and see the beauty in everything that is around us. Even if that thing isn’t useful and pretty enough.


Mahsa mehrad

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