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Fruit holder designs are often still, the Fruit Slide adds a layer of motion to the modern kitchen. Fruits can rest on the slide on the three curves that each have different degrees of curvature. The slight lift at each end of the curve is a stopping point preventing fruits from falling off the slide.

The design evokes a tangible experience with the object as the lines and form in the Fruit Slide create motion, prompting the viewer to touch, place fruits or objects on it, and see if it actually slides down, and if not it holds it for the user.

The design is inspired by the papaya fruit, and from my childhood ritual of eating the fruit. First conspired from an exercise to design a fruit holder which involved research into the culinary usages and eating rituals of the papaya across different cultures. The process led to many ideas, one of which evolved into the curves of the slide.

As I wanted the design to inspire touch, interaction, and, quality, immediately after I conspired the form, natural wood came to mind. The large side surface and top sliding curves allows for a unique view of natural wood grains. Currently, the Fruit Slide is envisioned to be manufactured with either one whole piece of wood, and weighted down similar to how a knife block would be, and developed through cutting the slopes with bandsaw, then a fine sand down and oiling. Alternatively, it can be created with several pieces of wood, and wood-glued together.

  • Fruit Slide-56584a84
    Fruit Slide-56584a84
    A rendering of the fruit slide with oak as material on its side view.Fruit Slide Prototype_Yuyu Lee-1a16fcbb
    Fruit Slide Prototype_Yuyu Lee-1a16fcbb
    A prototype to scale I constructed with foam core and wood grain print and demonstration of it holding a fruit.Fruit Slide_Sketch_Yuyu Lee-396f25b6
    Fruit Slide_Sketch_Yuyu Lee-396f25b6
    A sketch of the design to show potential papaya placement, scale to users, and its potential in being attached to the wall as an unconventional shelf.
  • Yuyu Lee
  • Yuyu Lee
  • Product design: object
  • Fruit holders are often still, it is a bowl or holder to rest our fruits in our kitchen. Fruit Slide adds a layer of motion to the modern kitchen. Fruits can rest on the three curves of the slide, or on the top tip of it. It can be a statement object in the kitchen that adds an elegance while also creating an opportunity of play as a three-dimensional canvas for you to hang, place, or drape your fruit to ripen. The wood slide can serve as simply an elegant, warm home decor as well. It would be an addition that invites you to touch and feel the soft curves of the finely sanded wood as your hand glides down the points to the counter surface.


Yuyu Lee


Yuyu Lee

Fruit Slide-56584a84 Fruit Slide Prototype_Yuyu Lee-1a16fcbb Fruit Slide_Sketch_Yuyu Lee-396f25b6