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Figure is a relax sofa furniture design,inspired by human figure form ,made by combination of beauty and harmony,the aim was to create a piece of furniture that can be used for residential space,spa pace,and garden area with a new layout and modern language, a combination of simplicity and sence of comfort.the structure is made of fibergelass.

  • SOFA RELAX 2-c037223b
    SOFA RELAX 2-c037223bSOFA RELAX 3-3ea92be1
    SOFA RELAX 3-3ea92be1SOFA RELAX 1-c00c5571
    SOFA RELAX 1-c00c5571SOFA RELAX 4-71b5f496
    SOFA RELAX 4-71b5f496
  • mehdi ahkami
  • modative
  • Furniture design: series | Furniture: collection | Furniture: chill & relax


mehdi ahkami



SOFA RELAX 2-c037223b SOFA RELAX 3-3ea92be1 SOFA RELAX 1-c00c5571 SOFA RELAX 4-71b5f496