Longlist 2021

About Project

The ECLIPSE is an attempt to experience to create various moods and scenes of ambient lights inspired by the galaxy. This standing light with the design of circular light sources which have a sliding function allows the users to generate and experience different types of light modes.
Users can pull out the circles depending on the amount of light intensities that they need in addition to create a variety of lighting moods.
The minimal design along with high energy efficiency due to the usage of LED light sources, low-cost aluminum extrusion production method for the body and the low and simple number of plastic parts reduces the cost of production and make it Eco and environmental friendly.

  • PR_FL_Eclipse_1_RE-29261dad
  • Mohammad Amin Abbaszadeh , Sanaz Aflaki
  • Arshin
  • Product design: light
  • https://youtu.be/dfS92Nu84d8
  • ECLIPSE is produced from recyclable materials, and the production methods with the least effect on the planet. Also, by using LED light sources which have powerful light efficiency, energy consumption has been attempted to be saved.
    Merging stable appearance and excellent statics along with glowing circles creates a sensory, emotional form and gives the possibility to users have interaction with the lights.
    Materials: Extruded Aluminum for main body-abs plastic for led structure-acrylic for circular light diffuser-3mm cnc machined still for floor stand -V Shape stand: casted aluminum -lighting: 12v LED's.


Mohammad Amin Abbaszadeh , Sanaz Aflaki



PR_FL_Eclipse_1_RE-29261dad PR_FL_Eclipse_2_RE-a66690a7 PR_FL_Eclipse_3_RE-ab0aba4e PR_FL_Eclipse_4_RE-9a9d8a13 PR_FL_Eclipse_5_RE-c7275683